Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fall-In 2016

I'll admit I'm absolute garbage at keeping up with the blog. I had intended to keep pushing out shorter single unit posts in an attempt to keep posting content but even that's fallen by the wayside. Add to this, Thanksgiving is a super busy couple of weeks around my house where nothing gets done and you can see why it took so long to post this.

Fall-in is the one convention I have time to go to each year and every year I come back with the distinct impression that "This was the best year yet!" Issues about location, the politics, the drive, etc. aside I feel like I do more and more each year. Spending an even larger amount and playing even more games.

A full write-up and another 60 or so photos below

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

English Civil War Mortar

This ones part of the desk clean off. The figures are by warlord and its on a 80mm by 100mm base. Super generally speaking I like the warlord ecw artillery. It's a little on the pricey side but it paints up really nice. I dont't know a ton about the era so I just went with the colors on their site. At some point I'll get around to finishing some infantry. More pictures after the break.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Roman Triarii

This is the first unit for the project detailed in the last entry. I made these using the Victrix Romans in chainmail box. The figures themselves are fantastic. Easily assembled with good options.

Trasimene or Bust

Ever since I played Total War Rome 2 I have completely fallen in love with the Second Punic War. There's been a lot of real life getting in the way of the hobby the last couple weeks so there's been a lot of reading other peoples blogs and what not. The biggest inspiration for starting this project now (in the middle of cleaning off the desk) was the Olicanalad Blog. A while back he posted a campaign using the Hannibal board game as the engine. An idea which I'd like to shamelessly rip off. I figured I'd start off with core armies, then stage my own Lake Trasimene game (at a smaller scale)

Friday, July 29, 2016


This is just a real quick post as a bit of an update

Finished this week are the 5 gangsters from Brigade Games. I sculpted the bases out of apoxie sculpt.

There's just the one photo for now, though the board is finished as well as several buildings. I'm planning on finishing more of the desk project before I open any more figures for this project but when I do, I'll post a full write up on the project.

Also checked off the list is the Union general and 34 Union infantry. These saw their first game of Black Powder this Thursday. These will also get their own write up once I finish the bases.

Coming up in the next few weeks are gonna be a new project and some more stuff from the list as well as a guest post from a good friend of mine.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Saracen Command

These are from Perry Miniatures. I bought and painted these to use as a command base for Soldiers of God. The figures themselves I painted a while ago, but as usual never finished the base. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  More photos after the break.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Spanish Civil War Pilot

This figure came with my copy of the SCW special issue of Painting War. Like most of the figures and projects in this project it's a figure I started the day I got it, painted most of, then moved on to something else.

It's currently the only SCW era figure in my collection. A SCW Chain of Command project is something I'd like to do in the future but not any time soon. The Empress figure are absolutely gorgeous and something I'd love to paint even if I never get around to gaming it.

Though the figure is described as 28mm it's a bit on the small side proportion wise. A nice figure to paint though the detail was a bit smaller than what I'm used to. For the most part I followed the guide in the magazine and was really happy with the leather jacket. 

Like most of the stuff in this project, there were only a couple details to finish. Everything in the previous post's list will be either finished (based, varnished etc.) or put away for another time. Off the top of my head, a lot of the WWII stuff will probably see the back of the closet as it isn't an era I game often.

Two other things I'd like to work on as i chronicle all this nonsense are a better photo editor and a better way to photo this stuff.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pardon The Mess

In the interim between the last post and this one the "Thursday Night" portion of this blog has been varying levels of accurate. Now that our group (New group, new location) has been meeting for a bit over a year, I think its safe to say the name is fine.

In the last few weeks its become increasingly apparent I need to clean my workspace. Though the workspace itself extends out over the entire floor, the bulk of it is concentrated to my desk in the corner and the surrounding area. I've decided for the next while (no hard date here) to focus on just finishing stuff on the desk or moving it back into the closet if its not something im going to finish now.

Ive compiled a list of everything in this area that needs attention. (not other stuff in the room as that will probably be the next step)

6 AWI British Dragoons - Perry
10 Soviet Afghan war Infantry - Eureka
1 Spanish Civil War Pilot - Painting War
 2 Uncivil War union figures - Architects of War
3 WIP Numidian Cav - Warlord Games
2 AWI British Cannons - Wargames Foundry
4 WWI British Infantry - Great War Miniatures
2 Judge Dredd Gangers - Warlord
Some FIW French - Warlord
1 Saracen Command Base - Perry
5 Gangsters - Brigade Games
Desert Well - AOW
1 Union General - Perry
2 bases of Crusaders - Conquest Games
1 WWII Soviet Mortar - Warlord
8 Conquistadors - Eureka
6 Aztecs - Foundry
12 Gladiators - Various
1 Bellsaw thug - Spinespur
1 Native American - Galloping Major - Base using army painter
3 Pirates - Old Glory and Crusader
1 British Paratrooper - Warlord
1 Dismounted Tank Crew - ?
16 English Civil War Pikemen - Warlord
8 Union - Perry
2 Frostgrave Figures - North Star
3 Tank Traps - Scratch Built
1 Radar Building - Sarissa
4 Numidians - Wargames Factory
8 Germanic Archers - Warlords
12 British infantry AWI - Perry
12 Continental Infantry AWI - Perry
2 AWI Casualties - Perry
1 Box of AZW British - Warlord
9 Afghan insurgents - Eureka and Empress
A box of Union Cavalry - Perry
1 warbases ammo cart
12 ECW Musketeers - Warlord
1 ECW mortar and crew - Warlord
3 Units of Numidians - Wargames Factory
Assorted British Paratroopers - Warlord
1 WWII German Mortar - Warlord
1 Box of Union infantry - Perry
Warbases Water Cart
36 War of the Roses infantry - Perry
6 Turcopoles - Perry
1 Afghan rocket - Eureka

Almost all of this is stuff Ive started but haven't finished. A lot of it just needs to be based or varnished. I'm hoping keeping a log of this will give me some motivation to finish stuff, but I'm not setting hard deadlines or anything because i know I'll inevitably get distracted.