Saturday, August 6, 2016

Roman Triarii

This is the first unit for the project detailed in the last entry. I made these using the Victrix Romans in chainmail box. The figures themselves are fantastic. Easily assembled with good options.

The TTS List recommends triarii fielded as a two element unit with half the depth of the Hastati and Princepes. In order to make the project manageable my "elements" are 40mm squares with 4 rank and file troops. This means a celt warband with two ranks of elements can be 18 figures with 3 on a base (to give them a wild look) Things like skirmishers can be two or three figures on the same size base. Cavalry is two figures on a 50mm square. Generals, elephants, baggage etc. are all based as needed.

This basing scheme means that the triarii are just 4 figures and the other units just 8. I think it will be fine all said and done but there's always the option to add another base to every unit if needed. Currently on the desk is the first unit of Princepes. The ground work hasn't been done yet with the intention of doing the whole legion at once.

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