Saturday, August 6, 2016

Trasimene or Bust

Ever since I played Total War Rome 2 I have completely fallen in love with the Second Punic War. There's been a lot of real life getting in the way of the hobby the last couple weeks so there's been a lot of reading other peoples blogs and what not. The biggest inspiration for starting this project now (in the middle of cleaning off the desk) was the Olicanalad Blog. A while back he posted a campaign using the Hannibal board game as the engine. An idea which I'd like to shamelessly rip off. I figured I'd start off with core armies, then stage my own Lake Trasimene game (at a smaller scale)

I picked up 2 boxes of Victrix romans a box of Carthaginians, Hannibal Rome v Carthage and a copy of To The Strongest. My big project last year was 100 points of Numidians for TTS and I'm waiting on a 6 by 8 game mat with a grid. Victrix has Spanish Infantry out now and Cav on the way.

Like most of my projects I'm doing this one in stages. Using the army list for TTS, I'm starting with 130 points of Romans. Below is the checklist for the project.

4 Legion Army - 226 Points
8 Units of Triarii
8 Units of Princepes
8 Units of Hastati
8 Units of Velites
6 Units of Cavalry

Celts - 130ish Points
6 Units of Warriors
4 Units of Cav
2 Units of skirmishers

6 Units Cav
2 Javelins
2 Light Javelins

Spanish 100ish Points
2 Heavy Cav
2 Light Cav
6 Scutarii
3 Caetrati

3 African Hoplites
2 African Skirmishers

The romans are for the base of a 250 Point Army. The celts will be used agains Caesar down the road. The Numidians are the minimum requirements for a TTS army with some extra cav. The spanish are the same thing. The Actual Carthaginian Army will be made using the rest of the armies.

There's a good chance that this is my most ambitious project and won't be finished this year. There's a lot more to be purchased for the project and then terrain to consider etc. As always I won't be working exclusively on this project but I thought itd be a good idea to catalog the project.

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