Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fall-In 2016

I'll admit I'm absolute garbage at keeping up with the blog. I had intended to keep pushing out shorter single unit posts in an attempt to keep posting content but even that's fallen by the wayside. Add to this, Thanksgiving is a super busy couple of weeks around my house where nothing gets done and you can see why it took so long to post this.

Fall-in is the one convention I have time to go to each year and every year I come back with the distinct impression that "This was the best year yet!" Issues about location, the politics, the drive, etc. aside I feel like I do more and more each year. Spending an even larger amount and playing even more games.

A full write-up and another 60 or so photos below

On Thursday night we played a game of Osprey's Dragon Rampant using Flintloque Figures. Flintlogue is basically Sharpes Rifles with orcs and whatnot. I'm not crazy into fantasy stuff usually but the system worked flawlessly for "Napoleonics" I think someone wrote an article for Wargames Illustrated on the subject though I think the guy running the game made his own modifications.

On Friday I tried Sailpower 2.0 and played a game of Hail Caesar. Sailpower is a 15mm Pirate game. It's right on the line between wargame and RPG. What drew me in was the emphasis on being able to do whatever you want. If you wanna spend the whole game buying at one port and selling at another. you can. If you wanna try and capture a merchant trying to do just that, you got it. I ended up purchasing a starter for the game so expect more on that later. The Hail Caesar game was a straight forward Romans v Germanic Tribes game, but it was great to play a larger game run by someone else to better grasp the rules. We've played a bit of Black Powder at the club, and I like it but its always nice to have someone else confirm the rules.

Finally on Saturday I played in the evening Brazen Chariots game. I'd like to dedicate a whole post just to this game, the rules, and an upcoming project of mine so I'll keep it brief here. Its a ww2 tank game based of the book of the same name. It's excellent and finally getting to play it at a convention was fantastic.Keep an eye out for a post about that in more detail next year.(hopefully early)

In addition to the games played I spent a small fortune at both the flea market and vendor hall. There was a lot of terrain purchased as well as a brand new project. More info on that hopefully before the end of the year, Below are all the photos from the trip.

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