Sunday, January 1, 2017

A New Project and 2017 Plans

First I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I had mentioned before that I had started (another) new project. I wanted to wait to post about it until I actually had enough stuff to play a game with. I've finally hit that point minus basing.

The project I've been teasing for a while now is Pike and Shotte in 10mm. Like most of my projects its inspired in part by a blog I follow. In this case I got the idea from the Big Red Bat Cave blog. This  is a blog run by the guy who wrote To The Strongest (my favorite ancient rules) Apparently there's an English Civil War version of the rules coming some time next year and I'm really looking forward to it. While posting about the upcoming game he referenced playtesting the game using someones collection of 10/12mm figures. My only experience with 10mm stuff so far was Drop Zone Commander and truth be told I wasn't exactly thrilled with the plastic infantry. After seeing the pictures on his blog however I was definitely willing to take another look at the scale. I took a look at the figures from Old Glory while I was at Fall-In and decided to pick up a bunch.

After getting a bit of it painted I picked up some extras from Pendraken. So far I've gotten enough stuff painted for a 300 point game of pike and shotte as well as a few extras.

One of the other things I've been talking about picking up lately was some sort of photo booth type thing for better photos. I finally got one in the form of a Square brand collapsible one from amazon. Funnily enough however, these photos weren't taken in it. I can't seem to get good photos from it. These photos were taken with a sheet of white paper and my normal desk lights. I'll need to mess with it more later

Any way to get to the point here are some photos of the (almost) finished stuff

First up is the infantry. The Kings Lifeguard for the Royalists and Skippon's Foot for Parliament. All the core infantry is from Old Glory and are based on 40mm square bases.

Next is the cavalry. These figures are also from Old Glory. I decided for the 300 point armies to paint the 2 maximum units of Cuirassier for the Parliament Force. After doing research I painted Haselrig's Lobsters and Essex's Lifeguard. The two units are identical except for the flag. Below that is one of the two units of regular cavalry for the Royalists. Again the two units are identical except the flag.

This is a medium gun from Old Glory with some additional stuff from Pendraken on the base hidden behind the guy on the far right.

This is part of the in progress baggage train.  The figure is by Pendraken and I filled the cart with supplies also from Pendraken.

Some of the finished command figures. Prince Rupert is from Pendraken and the generic general on the left is from Old Glory.

Finally from Old Glory is the first bit of terrain. I was gonna wait until I had finished all the basing and command to start the terrain but I couldn't help myself.  I have a village worth to paint and so far I'm having a blast with it.

 Looking forward into 2017 I've set what I hope is an attainable but challenging set of goals for the year. Back in 2015 I pledged to paint 200 figures and I passed the mark in mid December. For 2016 I tried a few different paint challenge type things but feel like I generally slacked off a bit too much. For 2017 I want to paint more than the last few years but because I've been painting a lot of different scales it's a little hard to quantify. I'm going to use the Analogue Hobbies scoring system to try and paint 2000 points worth this year. It's not a crazy amount but it's more than last year.

In addition to the figure output I've got a few games I intend to get on the table this year. First of all, I intend to recreate the Siege of Worchester from the Pike and Shotte book in 10mm. There's another guy at the club painting the scots for this so it shouldn't be too hard.

I want to play the Fort assault scenario from the Glory Hallelujah Book in 28mm using my growing ACW collection. The guy painting the scots is working on some confederates for this so again, it shouldn't be too hard.

Finally the third major project I'd like to complete this year is my crusades project. I'd like to finish the minimum of 130 points of both crusaders and saracens for to the strongest by years end.

There's a few other smaller projects I'd like to finish as well but I'll cover those when I get to them. I still have the AWI project and the Romans on the backburner as well. Lot's to come in the New Year and I'm looking forward to it.

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